Welcome to the April edition of the Cloudoffis Bulletin. We hope that you have had a profitable month, despite the multiple public and school holidays that crop up at this time of year.


We’re moving into the busy season for Auditors so we’ve kept this April’s edition short and sharp but jam packed with important updates for both accountants and auditors.


Enjoy this month’s issue.

Current trends

At Cloudoffis, we are on a mission to educate our SMSF community about ways to drive operational efficiency in their business.

Did you know, the top three* operational challenges faced by the industry today are:

  • Managing manual processes
  • Dealing with client information stored in multiple places, and
  • Managing multiple systems

Download our guide to help you achieve operational excellence in your practice.

We’ll cover:

  • How operational excellence leads to incredible customer service and happy customers
  • The challenges other SMSF industry leaders face in achieving operational excellence
  • Three proven strategies to improve the operations in your practice


*Cloudoffis Operational Excellence research, 2024

Product update

If you’re an SMSF Accountant, it’s time to shift towards running your practice entirely in the cloud.


Last month we updated you on the amazing new experience that Cloudoffis is delivering for Class customers, free of charge.


Did you know we also integrate with more of the industries favourite software including FYI Docs, Microsoft Office and of course BGL and SuperMate?

Visit our website for more information about our integrations for accountants and auditors.


Run your entire Auditing practice with Cloudoffis


SMSF Auditomation by Cloudoffis is uniquely designed for Australian SMSF Auditors to help make your day-to-day operations a breeze from within one intuitive platform.


Every day, our customers rely on Cloudoffis for all their practice management needs from streamlining operations, real-time reporting, accelerating cash flow and securing their customer data.


Whether you’re new to Cloudoffis or a long standing client, find out how Cloudoffis can take care of your business operations, all from within one easy-to-use platform.

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SMSF Sorted Pro – New ‘Signed Off’ feature


We’ve added a new “Signed Off” feature to Sorted Pro’s workflow, making it easier to track who has approved financials.


At the approval stage simply click the “Signed Off” checkbox to create an audit trail in the Statement of Financial Position and Operating Statement. These details can also be viewed when downloading the Sorted Work Paper file or you can monitor the sign-offs directly from the dashboard.

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