At Cloudoffis, we make it our mission to help Auditors scale, reduce risk and help improve their own customers’ success. That’s why we invested in simplifying the process of manual fund uploads, an industry first, which allows auditors to seamlessly upload manual funds into Auditomation.

In an industry where over 25% of funds are still processed manually, we recognised the urgent need for change to help our Auditing customers to service this segment of the market. We heard from our Auditing customers that they consistently faced challenges receiving & organising clients data when it was delivered to them in various formats including PDF, CSV and XLS. Translating this data into SMSF Auditing Software often led to intricate, error-prone procedures, turning a necessary task into a time-consuming, low-value chore.

Simplify data upload and management

With the launch of the manual funds feature, Cloudoffis is now able to convert any type of manual file, including PDF, Excel and CSV within seconds and make it presentable for auditors to start auditing.

“We have delivered on our vision of hassle-free data upload and management whilst providing flexibility and ease for Auditors irrespective of how they receive information from their clients” said Manish Sheladia, Co-Founder of Cloudoffis. 

The integration of AI has been pivotal to process improvement. Cloudoffis smart technology reads and extracts data from trial balances, effortlessly mapping it to its required destination. This minimises errors and ensures consistently reliable data whilst enabling teams to preview and update trial balances before taking any action.

Automation for efficiency: Save up to 1 hour per fund

Our commitment to efficiency has led us to automate the mapping of individual and bulk transactions to their respective buckets. The innovation significantly accelerates the processing of auditing and financial data, saving auditors up to one hour of admin time per fund.

Over time, the feature becomes more intelligent,  memorising mapping rules for years to come, carrying forward any manual adjustments for the following year and reducing manual effort for recurring line items in the future.

Experience the future of Auditing today

Join auditors who have embraced a simplified auditing process with Cloudoffis. Try this new feature today and revolutionise the way you handle manual fund uploads, whilst expanding your network of clients you run audits for. Unlock efficiency, save time and gain valuable insights with ease.

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