SMSF accounting used to be a headache. Tedious document-handling, manual reconciliations, repetitive tasks. It chewed up too much time. But not anymore. Cloudoffis has always been built on using automation to improve efficiency and standardise workflow in SMSF preparation and auditing. But now we’re launching a new wave of artificial intelligence features designed to get you ready for tomorrow. The new financial year is just around the corner. If you’re still wasting energy on boring manual tasks, it’s time to try something new. What if you could automate the repetitive stuff, slash input times, get on top of compliance, and speed up your workflows? With Cloudoffis you can.

Liberate Your Expertise

You’re paid to be an SMSF expert, not to do repetitive work. In fact admin elements in SMSF workflow are a big waste of the human talent resource that comes with your years of SMSF experience. Cloudoffis handles the admin stuff, so you can do what you do best. You’re not hired to match  up pages—you’re paid for the human expertise of SMSF preparation. So Cloudoffis takes care of the repetition and lets your expertise take centre stage. When liberated from admin, your ‘signal to noise’ ratio changes—and you have more time and attention for the real value-add work. So Cloudoffis doesn’t replace human beings—it makes them more effective.

One Giant Leap

Cloudoffis was always at the cutting edge of SMSF accounting and auditing. Auditomation has changed how auditors can scale. Now we’re taking it to the next level with new accounting and administration features in SMSF Sorted—with truly intelligent automation. We didn’t settle for automating basic tasks. Sure, they might save you some time. But accountants still have to spend hours poring over documents or manually pulling data into Excel, before you can start applying your expertise. So we took a giant leap, and infused automation with artificial intelligence. The new Cloudoffis AI module scans your PDF statements, integrates with your SMSF admin software, automatically pulls and matches key data—and then reconciles automatically. It uses OCR and machine learning to read your documents, check transactions and reconcile financial data. The Cloudoffis AI automates what previously might have taken up to 8 hours. It helps reconcile tax distributions and components, and holding balances as well as ATO documents—all at the click of a button. There’s a machine learning dimension to this—it gathers anonymised data and applies the patterns, collecting the best thinking in SMSF preparation and applying benchmarked judgments. No more manual input or tedious checking. Hours of work, done in seconds. Seamless. Bulletproof. You’re welcome!

Crystal-Clear Vision

For auditors, reputation is everything. An overlooked breach can cost your client money and put your practice at risk. We’ve got that covered too. Cloudoffis automatically prompts you to enter the information you need to comply with the requirements of the ATO, SISA, SISR and other relevant legislation. There’s a steel thread of compliance throughout the Cloudoffis platform. Automated compliance gives you peace of mind and crystal-clear vision. You stay focused on the preparation or audit, and nothing is missed.

Blaze a New Trail

For accountants, moving your workpapers online is just a first step. The real productivity gains come when you reshape your workflows. Other platforms store data in spreadsheets, but Cloudoffis is different. We built an automated set of workpapers within the Cloudoffis system, so information is always in context, always updated. And we leverage best practices and benchmarks across the industry to bring industry best practice into your workflow. This makes it easy to collaborate between your team and your auditor in a secure environment—seamlessly and with a full audit trail. By standardising and automating repetitive processes, Cloudoffis lets you easily hire new talent, support junior staff, and deliver rapid training. So you can scale on demand, gain efficiency, and blaze a new trail.

Ready for Tomorrow

We first used automation to liberate expertise—for SMSF auditors and accountants. Now we’re using AI to reshape the entire SMSF landscape. But we’re not stopping there. Future versions of Cloudoffis AI will support ATO and ASIC interpretation, plus advanced document management for registrations, trusts, and deeds. Cloudoffis is designed by SMSF specialists to deliver the accuracy, efficiency and reliability your practice needs for SMSF administration and auditing—today and tomorrow. To book a demo, visit us at or call 1300-979-457.