We’d like to give a warm welcome to two team members who have recently joined the Cloudoffis team.

Kresant is the Head of Sales and is responsible for helping new businesses understand how Cloudoffis can solve their vision for simplification, growth and compliance.

Dilnar is a Senior Manager responsible for our Customers Success and ensures our new and lifelong customers are getting the most from their Cloudoffis experience every day, introducing new features or providing helpful hints and tricks to save your team time.

If you think there’s room to optimise your practice, enhance operational efficiency, or elevate customer experiences this year, now may be an opportune time to connect with Kresant or Dilnar.

Highlights since joining Cloudoffis

We asked both Kresant and Dilnar to share some highlights since joining the team:

Kresant Mahilall,
Head of Sales,

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“Since joining Cloudoffis, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with some of Australia’s leading SMSF Auditors and Accountants to understand some of the challenges the industry is facing.In my discussions, several common challenges have emerged industry-wide, including:

  • The need to streamline processes for improved ROI
  • Heightened concerns surrounding compliance and customer data security
  • The burning need for off the shelf cloud technology solutions

Many businesses have revisited Cloudoffis and have been pleasantly surprised by the significant advancements we have made within our platform to address these challenges which gets me excited about the number of new businesses we can help in 2024”.

Dilnar Tangri,
Senior Customer Success Manager

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“Spending time reconnecting with many friends and colleagues in the industry has been a highlight for me, coupled with the opportunity to get a better understanding of the burning need that many of them have for a platform that is as advanced as Cloudoffis. The fact that we solve day to day problems for both Accountants and Auditors was an important factor for me joining the team and I’m proud of the solutions we’re delivering for the industry”.