Introducing Tax Sorted by Cloudoffis

Sorting tax workpapers for Australian Accountants
Streamline workpaper preparation
Organise your clients financial data in an instant
Enjoy better visibility of your clients group structure
Make workpaper approvals a breeze

Prepare and submit your tax returns with confidence and in a fraction of the time

Tax Sorted by Cloudoffis streamlines workpaper preparation, securely importing and organising your clients’ financial data. Prepare schedules, journals, and cross-check effortlessly for final approval.

Quickly grasp your client's setup and create your workpapers

  • Cloudoffis instantly imports your client’s group structure from Xero, presenting it in a clear chart.
  • Easily understand their setup and make updates right in Cloudoffis. Changes sync seamlessly between Xero and Cloudoffis for up-to-date records.

Simplify workpaper preparation, reduce rework, and ensure accuracy every time

  • Cloudoffis securely imports financial data from the Xero ledger, removing the need to manually prepare workpapers or input data from multiple sources.
  • Financial data is automatically categorised, saving your team time and ensuring an audit trail while seamlessly syncing journal entries with Xero.
  • Choose from over 20 customisable templates to ensure consistent workflows across the team.
  • Throughout the preparation process, Cloudoffis flags when financial data is updated in Xero to ensure you’re always using the most up-to-date financials.

Accelerate the review process

  • Cloudoffis streamlines document management, enabling you to search, tag, and view documents alongside financials.
  • Easily review workpapers side by side with your Xero data, fix discrepancies flagged by Cloudoffis, and monitor workflow status to keep tasks on track.
  • Manage all open workflows from a single dashboard, apply labels for structured reporting, and export finalised work to your local drive or FYI Docs.

At Cloudoffis, we simplify your tax workpaper process without disrupting your practice’s workflows, thanks to integrations with your favorite accounting tools.

Sign into Cloudoffis using your Xero credentials. Authority levels set in Xero are mirrored in Cloudoffis, maintaining security and ensuring that Xero remains the central source of truth for all financial data.

Work confidently in Excel within the Cloudoffis platform. Our Microsoft Office partnership ensures that any financial data you prepare in Excel syncs automatically with Cloudoffis, providing a smooth and efficient experience.

Finalised workpapers sync effortlessly back to FYI Docs, streamlining Partner approval and document storage.

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Why Australian practices and firms love Cloudoffis

Our staff have been able to provide more value adds for our clients using features like the one click submission for audit and because the job workflow is automatically displayed. It's sensational.
Nathan Davidson Senior Accountant
We have been using SMSF Sorted for preparation of our SMSF accounting files since COVID struck in March 2020. This software enabled us to continue to meet our client’s requirements and timeframes while we were all working from home and has improved our efficiency ever since. Cloudoffis employees are friendly and approachable. We have found them very open to suggestions and welcoming of feedback.
Marie Ickeringill Director - SMSF
Without a doubt, Cloudoffis is one of the best SMSF admin platforms in the market! The powerful workpaper platform makes referencing key documents instant, end-of-year preparation more efficient, and reduces wasteful workarounds. We particularly enjoy the fantastic features provide, such as AI Run, Dashboard and Observation. Furthermore, regular training sessions are invaluable in keeping our team abreast of the most up to date features.
Pearly Li S Yap Assistant Manager
We've been using Cloudoffis for over two years, and it has been a game-changer for our firm. The comprehensive suite of tools, combined with user-friendly interfaces, makes it a standout choice for anyone in the accounting industry.
Con Gotsis Partner


An early access program is an opportunity for a select group of customers to test a product before we release it more widely. The early access customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on its performance, features, and usability to help improve the final version and ensure it supports you to solve your most important challenges specifically linked to delivering Tax Workpapers.

The Cloudoffis early access program will run for around 8 weeks, from Thursday 20th June until Friday, 27th September, to ensure you have enough time to be trained, use the product and provide feedback.

During the early access program, the use of our new Tax Sorted product will be free of charge.

At a high level:
  • Nominate a key contact in your firm that we can work with and who will be available for the full program period.
  • 1 hr training session with Cloudoffis
  • Create around 10 workpaper files for various clients
  • Two 30 minute feedback sessions
  • Email us about any challenges as you’re using the product
At the end of the program:
  • One 20 min interview so we can create a case study and quote, with approval to use in our future Sales and Marketing
  • Optional: Be a referee for future Tax Sorted clients. We will ensure you receive full training and support to complete these requests.

No, your clients will not need to be involved directly with the trial, however, we do need you to import your clients data from the Xero ledger into Tax Sorted to help with testing. The data you import could be either live or historical.

We request you import the financials for 10 clients, and complete two variations of workpapers for each such as trust, partnership, company or sole trader.

We’d require you to submit workpapers by Friday 27th September.

That’s not a problem. The data you import can be either live or historical.

As well as having the opportunity to help us shape the Tax Sorted product, after the early access program finishes, we would like to offer you exclusive pricing to say thanks for your participation. We will discuss this with you during your onboarding.

During the early access program program, the use of our new Tax Sorted product will be free of charge.

Your feedback will support our prioritisation of what features we will deliver next to improve our product.

Absolutely, we will provide one-on-one training sessions to your nominated team members to ensure they get the most out of the experience. We will also be on hand to support throughout the program.

Dilnar Tangri will be your dedicated support throughout the program and you will liaise with her directly via email and during check ins.

We have a structured list of feedback we’d like to capture when we speak to your team, such as What features they like, features they struggled with and features that are missing.

If you choose to discontinue using Tax Sorted after the early access program, you will be able to download all your data into an excel or csv and Cloudoffis will destroy the data.

This is important for us to learn during early access program so we can prioritise the most important integrations for our your future needs. For the time being we are developing a manual audit upload. Please share the formats you require so we can build it for you so you can import the data into Tax Sorted from MYOB.