Our most recent webinar featured Cloudoffis’ very own Michael Bradley interviewing two of Australia’s leading auditors, Alice Stubbersfield from Adept Super and Rob Florence from Florence Audit & Assurance. If you missed the live event, don’t worry – you can access a recording here.

It was an enlightening session with real-life stories from auditors and Cloudoffis users, they also shared their insights and feedback about the platform. The resounding response from these two auditors is that Cloudoffis saves time and increases capacity… “Across the board, I’ve seen a 40% time reduction in each audit,” Rob said. “My audit capacity has increased by 60%,” Alice said.

There are other numerous benefits, especially concerning saving costs on paper, postage, and ink. Both guests are now advocates for going paperless and Rob noted, “I’ve recently sold five filing cabinets.” While Alice is a huge fan of the opportunity technology brings to her industry, she acknowledges, “You can’t change people.” So while she’s reaping the rewards Cloudoffis and other SMSF technology have to offer, there are many of her peers reluctant to modernize their processes.

Both guests shared a laugh about the paper trail they used to get lost in when it came to managing client documents and commiserate with their colleagues who are still getting buried under piles of paperwork. Because of the switch to Cloudoffis, Alice was able to cease doing paper-based audits last year, now she reports that as of next year her firm will no longer be accommodating clients who aren’t using SMSF cloud software, like Class, BGL, and Superman.

“There will be some who come on the technology journey with us and go on the cloud, and there will be some who go looking elsewhere for an old-fashioned auditor.” Cloudoffis has been making progress in facilitating greater support services for its users and creating a forum for Cloudoffis users to connect. Through fostering a community we believe Cloudoffis users will be able to get even more out of the software.

Michael asked the guests what feedback they have for Cloudoffis and it seems they love the ongoing support and communication around new features as they roll out! Cloudoffis always takes feedback on board, we are also constantly enhancing the platform, and before this conversation, we have put in place a new protocol for providing information via a webinar every time we create a new function or make changes to the platform.

As for their favorite features of Cloudoffis? Rob who has been with us since before we even had a dashboard says, it’s Cloudoffis’ OCR tool that sets this software apart from others in the same industry. While Alice has been sharing her newfound convenience through the query tool on the platform to communicate with clients and others involved in the audit. She did note that it would be great to be able to completely integrate Cloudoffis, so you wouldn’t have to navigate between different programs. These are the great ideas we encourage and love to hear about from our Cloudoffis community.

Please keep the comments, queries, and contributions coming! We value your feedback, and love providing support, and implementing changes that can give you the best possible experience.