Company Overview:

Superannuation Audit Services is a specialist Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) auditing firm providing independent SMSF auditing services with a fast turnaround. With over 25 years of experience, they support accounting firms of all sizes, from the Big 4 to sole practitioners, both on-site and off-site, across Australia. Their award-winning firm is renowned for its personalised service, accessible team, and extensive expertise.

The Challenge:

Superannuation Audit Services faced significant challenges with storing and manually processing data. They relied heavily on Excel and hard copy documents, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. The process of checking market values and handling dividends manually was particularly cumbersome.

Why Cloudoffis:

With the implementation of SMSF Auditomation by Cloudoffis into their business, Superannuation Audit Services transitioned from using Excel and hard copy documents to a more streamlined, automated process that has been warmly welcomed by the team, who are dotted around Australia. This transition allowed them to improve operational processes and handle data more efficiently and accurately.

Benefits Realised:

  • Time Saved: The automation process significantly reduced the time spent on manual data entry and processing, allowing SAS to focus on more critical tasks.
  • Growth Unlocked: The efficiency gained from using Cloudoffis enabled the firm to hire top talent across Australia, expand their client base and take on more clients nationwide.
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction: The automation provided by Cloudoffis led to higher satisfaction among their clients due to the faster turnaround times and more accurate reporting.

Time better spent:

The transition to Cloudoffis enabled all staff at Superannuation Audit Services to work remotely. This shift to Cloudoffis not only made operations more flexible but also allowed them to service clients from various locations across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Whitsundays and Perth. 

SAS’s top tips for using Cloudoffis:

  • Utilise Resources: Make the most of the resources and support provided by Cloudoffis.
  • Keep in Contact: Maintain regular communication with the Cloudoffis support team to resolve any issues quickly.
  • Just Use It: Embrace the platform fully to realise its benefits and improve operational efficiency.

By implementing Cloudoffis, Superannuation Audit Services transformed their operations, achieving significant time savings, unlocking growth opportunities, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Their journey with Cloudoffis is a great example of how simplifying your SMSF Audit workflows can allow you to rethink your practice management processes, embrace new growth strategies and drive business success.