Integrated Audit Services, a leading auditing firm based in Brisbane, has transformed its operations with Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation. Manager David Alcock, CAANZ, shares how the transition from manual systems to automation has saved time, reduced compliance headaches, and provided new operational insights, allowing his team to deliver exceptional customer service and faster turnaround times.

Company Overview:

Integrated Audit Services is an auditing firm based in Brisbane specialising in a range of audits, including SMSF (Self-Managed Super Funds). The firm manages a large number of SMSF audits across Australia.

The Challenge:

Before adopting Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation, Integrated Audit Services relied on manual systems like spreadsheets. The constantly changing regulatory landscape made it imperative to find a technology partner to ensure compliance and streamline their audit processes.

Why Cloudoffis:

  • David Alcock and his team chose Cloudoffis for its comprehensive compliance support and its ability to address specific compliance needs that their previous manual system couldn’t handle. 
  • He trusts Cloudoffis to effectively implement any necessary updates related to SMSF legislation changes, ensuring that Integrated Audit Services remains compliant and accurate. David believes in Cloudoffis’ capability and reliability to stay current with legislative modifications, providing peace of mind and reducing the burden of manual updates.

Cloudoffis Implementation:

Since November 2017, Integrated Audit Services has been using Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation. The transition to this automated system has brought significant improvements to their operations.

Benefits Realised:

  • Time Savings: Automation has drastically reduced the time spent on audits.
  • Reduced Headaches: Simplified compliance and audit management.
  • Operational Insights: Enhanced ability to track data and processes.

Favourite Features:

  • Automatic Letter Generation: Simplifies the creation of management letters, qualifications, and contravention reports.
  • Rolling Forward Feature: Maintains tags on documents year over year, saving unnecessary rework.
  • Internal and External Query Monitoring: Allows efficient management of queries from both team members and accounting clients, improving customer service and turnaround times.

Future Plans:

With the time saved and operational efficiency gained, David has been able to implement other new technologies into the practice, further enhancing their operational efficiency.