The introduction of over 10 new features and enhancements to Cloudoffis Sorted Lite further streamlines the management of your client SMSF’s on Class.

What’s New:

  • Simplified Activation Process: No more lengthy forms. Simply log into your Class account, navigate to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Integration’ and activate Cloudoffis Sorted Lite.
  • Single Centralised Platform: Manage everything from one place. Prepare workpapers, audit, manage queries and collaborate with auditors seamlessly from the Cloudoffis portal connected to Class.
  • Audit Console Page: Track the progress of workpapers and audit submissions with the new Audit Console page. Gain insights into queries with your auditor.
  • Integration with Class DMS: Load documents directly from Class DMS to Sorted Lite and save final workpaper files back to Class DMS. Maintain document tags between Cloudoffis and Class effortlessly.
  • Working with Multiple Auditors: Connect with multiple auditors and submit funds to them hassle-free.
  • Sorted Lite Dashboard Options: Enjoy new options on the Cloudoffis Sorted Lite dashboard, including viewing documents, status in audit and queries and updating the latest financial data.
  • Easy Switching Between Different Businesses: Switch between different businesses in Class effortlessly, simplifying fund management for multi-business firms.

For a more information, check out the Class Help Doc. For a detailed walkthrough, check out our Demo Video.