What’s new with Auditomation?

Cloudoffis, one of Australia’s cloud-based providers of SMSF preparation and audit automation technology, has released SMSF Auditomation 4.11. Auditomation Release 4.11 includes 2 more API updates for BGL 360 observations and reports, it also includes our first additional module offer. Our new worksheet module (to be purchased separately) offers additional functionality for spreadsheets as well as accepting additional formats.

Additional BGL Reports

The BGL360 API integration with Cloudoffis has been further enhanced to include:

  • Investment Income Comparison
  • Member Statement

Both these reports will run automatically in Observations and be available under the Financial Reports section of the Auditomation portal. The seamless integration with BGL is reducing the need for manual processes, providing further efficiency gains and all the while making collaboration with Accountants even easier. Spreadsheet Module (purchased separately) This module will allow users to open, edit and save Excel files in the Cloudoffis without having to leave the portal.  (This module is not included in the standard subscription and is available to be purchased separately.)

To find out more regarding structure, pricing and functionality. Please call or email our sales team. To our clients, thanks again for your support—for getting your SMSF together and for making Cloudoffis a staple part of your SMSF workflow processes. We have many more exciting releases planned, some of which will provide the biggest ever efficiency gains! Cloudoffis has revolutionised what’s possible for SMSF Accountants and Auditors alike. Combining 20 years SMSF expertise and industry-first automation technology, the systems halve your processing time and completely manage your workflow. See how Cloudoffis is a staple part of better SMSF workflow processes. Book a Demo Today.