Cloudoffis joins Australia’s premier virtual exhibition and conference for the Accounting industry for the third time around, happening on 16-17 November 2020! This year, the Accounting Business Expo will go LIVE online, and will be bringing together business owners, managers, finance decision makers, and accountancy and bookkeeping professionals, to learn, network, and explore the latest tools and innovations for business and career advancement. On 16th November 2020 at 15.30, Clint Estavilla, Cloudoffis’ Head of SMSF Sorted, will be presenting SMSF Outsourcing vs Automation – Advantages, Challenges, and Best Practices. During this session, the following will be covered to help firms make more informed decisions about SMSF processing:

  • Understand which solution is most efficient and best aligns with your firm’s strategy
  • Learn about the benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing versus automation
  • Find out the opportunity gap automation fills with workflow and efficiency in your SMSF process
  • Various use cases and workflows that technology supports in light of recent independence and firm structure changes

Cloudoffis will also be running two separate Tech Talk’s to make sure you entire SMSF workflow is covered end-to-end, look out for:

  1. An Integrated And Automated SMSF Workflow–No Matter Your Process
  2. Plug & Play your SMSF –The Power Of Cloudoffis Integration

Admission for this virtual expo is FREE, and one ticket will grant you access to all the webinars. Get your ticket through this link.