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Also published by SMSF Adviser, powered by Momentum Media Written by Miranda Brownlee on 20 July 2020 Cloudoffis, one of Australia’s leading providers of cloud-based SMSF Preparation and Audit Automation technology today announced the successful integration of their “SMSF Auditomation” platform with BGL Workpapers–an extension of the pre-existing integration with BGL Simple Fund 360.

Enhanced features brought together with API integration.

A major key feature of this industry-first API integration between Cloudoffis + BGL Workpapers is the time-saving potential this automation provides beyond any other solution available on the market. The bookmarking and tagging of source documents in workpapers flow through into the audit file and align with each lead schedule item. The automated observations improve accuracy and provide peace of mind by being automatically checked and flagged for any errors. The auditor can address red flags as they’re found – not go searching for them. An inbuilt risk matrix is created as data is pulled through from BGL and analyzed. The pre-audit risk value alerts provide an opportunity for appropriate management. As a result, Cloudoffis “SMSF Auditomation” users (Auditors) will get broader access to Simple Fund 360 generated financial reports and documents tagged to the trial balance. Combined with Auditomation’s document recognition, direct data sourcing, and automation capabilities, this integration will help SMSF auditors streamline their audit processes, sharpen accuracy and reduce upward of 50% of their time per audit.

BGL and Cloudoffis; a 1–2 punch

BGL Corp acknowledged the longstanding relationship between both the businesses and Cloudoffis’ vision in further streamlining the SMSF process from engagement to completion. “At BGL, we are a strong advocate of developing ecosystem partnerships to help businesses streamline processes. Partnering with Cloudoffis is an example of two leading technology providers collaborating for the benefit of both our clients. BGL currently has over 350 partners as part of our Ecosystem” said Ron Lesh, BGL’s Managing Director. Integration with BGL’s Simple Fund 360 (OR Workpapers) reflects Cloudoffis’ continued commitment to helping SMSF providers automate and streamline their processes.

  “At Cloudoffis we continue to refine our SMSF Preparation and Audit Automation solutions to help the industry and our users find efficiencies across processes and maximize return on investment,” said Viral Kanabar, Co-Founder & Director at Cloudoffis.

Workpapers were created by BGL to prepare and review workpapers from data in SimpleFund 360 and complete any necessary checklists. Cloudoffis’ other compliance preparation solution “SMSF Sorted” (for Accountants) can complement Workpapers by providing workflow notifications and tracking, dashboards, and a comprehensive query and review module; couple this with integration to Cloudoffis’ “SMSF Automation” solution (for Auditors) for a highly efficient, compliant, end-to-end SMSF workflow solution. Cloudoffis and BGL can be used as stand-alone products but operate with an integrated 1–2 punch, keeping SMSF together, as manual processes become siloed, to remain streamlined from SMSF accounting through to auditing.

Watch the industry-first Audit automation API integration with Cloudoffis SMSF Automation & BGL Workpapers

About Cloudoffis

Cloudoffis offers a brand new way of preparing an SMSF & conducting an audit. It is developed with a unique technology that individually saves Accountants & Auditors upward of 50% time per fund. Accurate, fast, and compliant, Cloudoffis fits seamlessly and combines with leading SMSF administration providers–completing the SMSF workflow process and enhancing the all-user experience. Cloudoffis not only automates the manual processes outside of existing admin software but also provides highly intuitive and intelligent tools to enhance an Accountants or Auditors ability to conduct critical analysis, make judgments and streamline their process to professional standards. Headquartered in Sydney, NSW, Cloudoffis is in its fourth year of operation and continues to carve out its lane for the SMSF industry. Chris Satchi – Head of Sales Email: Phone: 0403 513 354 Website:

About BGL

With over 30 years of trust in the accounting software space, BGL delivers Australia’s leading and award-winning cloud-based corporate compliance management and SMSF administration software solutions to over 8,000 businesses in 15 countries. All through a user-friendly and highly intelligent web application. BGL’s market-leading Simple Fund 360 and Simple Fund Desktop solutions are used to administer over 60% of Australia’s 600,000 self-managed super funds. Our clients include all major accounting firms, law firms, many listed and private company groups, accountants, financial planners, and many individual SMSF trustees. Contact – Ron Lesh Email: Phone: 1300 654 401 Website: