We’re all aware of evolving changes in Australia and the world as a result of COVID-19. Like all of us right now we are coming to grips with the changes. But rest assured some things remain the same. Let us shine some light on your day with our way of saying we care about the important work you do, and need to continue doing. To make the most of a dire situation we’d like to offer support in saying…

  • You CAN work and support clients from home.
  • Your business WILL NOT need to stop.
  • Your team WILL continue to be safe & productive.
  • You DO need to think differently.
  • The financial impact DOES NOT need to burden you.

We are your partners in making your SMSF work simpler and far more time-efficient (at least 50% more!). And it doesn’t matter how much paperwork you have, how many clients you need to see, or how many team members you need to interact with – thankfully, with Cloudoffis, your entire SMSF process can be carried out risk-free, remotely and safely online by you or your team.

Here’s how Cloudoffis is adapting to the-fast-changing circumstances—to protect your health and keep business processes together.


Our first priority is protecting the safety and wellbeing of people—including our team, partners and clients. Our next priority is ensuring uninterrupted support for you—even amidst the turbulence of social changes. That’s how we know you’ll be empowered to maintain efficiency and productivity together.

Uninterrupted service
Firstly, rest assured that we’ll continue to serve you with the same level of attention, dedication and insight you expect from Cloudoffis. We’re extending that care and service whilst working remotely as a team.

A token of appreciated extended to new users

For us it’s business as usual, for our clients they’re grateful they have the processes in place, but for everyone else we want to help make SMSF automation available for you as well. As a token of our support & appreciation enjoy 15 months for the cost of 12 – with this extra 3 months you will not only be able to continue SMSF operations smoothly and better than ever, you’ll save hundreds of dollars but also save the most wonderful asset we have – time. These solutions not only unblock workflow inefficiencies, they are also greatly helping Accountants & Auditors work remotely, securely and transparently. Simply request a demo and mention this offer to proceed.

Technology lifelines

As always we’ll be harnessing technology to deliver all our services. We’re lucky to be ahead of the curve here—as you know from day one we’ve been securing digital data, sharing knowledge online and using phone and email to provide you support. Our robust systems and processes enable us to deliver the highest level of technology to you, so you can continue to use the Cloudoffis solutions (SMSF Auditomation and SMSF Sorted) from anywhere in the world.

Your feedback valued

We will continuously work together with our integration partners, and with you, to enable an environment that supports your transition to remote work. For those of you who have been equipped for some time, we’d love to know how you’re doing and if you need anything. We are proactively getting in touch with all clients and as always, we welcome and value all your feedback.

Always supported

Being a critical partner to your business, we understand the importance of our ability to always support you and your team. If you have any questions at all please get in touch as you always would:1. Email your queries to us at support@cloudoffis.com.au
2. Call us on 1300 979 457 (Then Press ‘2’)

We’re never more than a call away—and during uncertain times we’ll always support you.

Thank you & take care,
The Cloudoffis Team