Check out how Cloudoffis intuitively raises Red Flags for items that need closer attention. SMSF auditors play a key role in examining the accuracy of an individual fund’s accounting records. To achieve this, an auditor has to go through reams and reams of data to investigate if there’s been a breach on any financial or compliance issue. This can be a rather time-consuming and dreadful task. Cloudoffis introduces a brand new way of conducting SMSF audits. Powered by Auditomation technology, Cloudoffis offers auditors, accountants and audit firms intuitive and intelligent tools to conduct high quality SMSF audits.

Introducing Red Flags

Red flag is a powerful feature in Cloudoffis that’s built to speed up the audit process significantly. This advanced feature intuitively spots issues that need closer intervention and auto-generates red flags. The auditor simply needs to examine the red flagged items. He or she can then raise any points for internal review depending on their findings and take further action quickly and move on to other aspects of the audit. The Cloudoffis platform can auto-generate Red Flags for a number of items. Never miss out on

  • Negative Balance
  • Reverse Balance
  • Income Comparison
  • Pension Limit
  • Contribution Cap
  • Work Test
  • Market Value

With the Red flag feature, an auditor won’t have to look for the above items manually. This eliminates any chance of error in this area and increases overall efficiency. Thus ensuring errorfree and high-quality SMSF audits. To find out how Cloudoffis can redefine the way you conducted SMSF audits, call us on 1300 9 7 9457 or to request a demo, click here.