At Cloudoffis, we are transforming the way SMSF audits are conducted. It is powered with Auditomation – a unique technology developed with the help of auditors for auditors. The sole purpose of Cloudoffis is to enable audit firms to be at the top of their game. With a truly comprehensive approach, the Cloudoffis platform ensures efficiency and improved accuracy the moment you start an audit.

Import data straight from external software

With the Automation technology in Cloudoffis, you can set up your audit files within seconds. Cloudoffis enables you to import data from softwares such as BGL or Class seamlessly and effortlessly. When we import the data we get all the data from

Auto-segregation of data

What’s more interesting is that Auditomation facilitates auto-segregation of the data. This means that all the fund details, client details and the financial data get saved to the right buckets automatically. By harnessing the power of Auditomation, this smart platform saves enormous amounts of time and ensures accuracy throughout the audit process. To find out how Cloudoffis can redefine the way you conduct SMSF audits, call us on 1300 9 7 9457 or to request a demo, click here.