The Cloudoffis platform is developed with Auditomation – a unique technology developed with the help of auditors for auditors. Automation in Cloudoffis, not only automates SMSF audit process but also provides highly intuitive and intelligent tools to enhance auditors’ ability to conduct critical analysis and make judgments.

We believe that the perfect blend of auditors’ skills and software assisted automation together result in high-quality and error-free audits. Auditomation: “Audit process automation technology that truly enhances an auditor’s decision-making process.”

The power of Auditomation

With the Auditomation in Cloudoffis, you can easily import fund data from external softwares such as BGL or Class straight through the software. Cloudoffis intelligently saves every single detail and auto-segregates the data to the right buckets. By harnessing the power of the cloud, this smart platform offers auditors the accuracy they need in terms of fund details and documents. This unique technology analyzes the scope of the audit as soon as the data is imported. This means that the account is created based on what’s within the client’s data and only relevant checklists are populated based on the context. Not only that, the system automatically raises red flags for a number of issues such as negative or reverse balance entries, interbank entries, etc. This means that auditors no longer have to go through the dreadful task of sifting through months of bank statements or worry about missing an entry. Thus, auto red-flagging helps auditors reconcile issues quicker, saves a significant amount of effort and ensures error-proof auditing.


When an auditor has any queries or needs any documents from the client, he/she no longer has to waste time making calls or writing emails. The Cloudoffis platform offers collaborative features that allow auditors to connect with colleagues and clients in real time – saving a huge amount of time for everyone.


The ability to connect to external data sources, conduct an audit in a single window from start to finish and even collaborate within the software offers a considerable reduction in the auditing time. Imagine the efficiency and productivity a practice can gain by freeing up so much of an auditor’s time.

An auditor’s judgment is crucial

The main objective of Cloudoffis is to simplify and speed up the audit process. The professional judgment and analytical skills acquired over the years by an auditor are irreplaceable. Cloudoffis is in fact freeing up an auditor’s invaluable time from tedious repetitive tasks, so they can focus on the more crucial aspects of the audit. At Cloudoffis, we believe that a combination of auditors’ skills and software-assisted automation together could result in high-quality and error-free audits. Plus, it also helps increase efficiency, productivity and hence the profitability of a practice.