Take control of
every SMSF fund
you manage

With Class and Cloudoffis:
- Automate your workpapers
- Submit audits in just one click
- Track your audit jobs with the Audit Console
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Automate your workpapers

  • Upload documents via Class DMS or your local drive 
  • Tag or bookmark your supporting documents for auditing

Submit audits in just one click

  • Submit your audit in just one click to your auditor 
  • Connect and work with multiple auditors at one time 
  • Quickly resubmit your updated documents to your auditor at any time

Track the status of your funds and workpapers

  • Track the status of all of your clients funds through the audit console 
  • Get more detailed information at a fund level such as open and resolved queries
  • Switch between businesses with ease  

Class remains the source of truth

  • Activate your Cloudoffis account from our Class portal 
  • Sync data and documents with Class throughout the audit process
  • Save your final workpaper through the Class DMS


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Why Australian practices and firms love Cloudoffis

Our staff have been able to provide more value adds for our clients using features like the one click submission for audit and because the job workflow is automatically displayed. It's sensational.
Nathan Davidson Senior Accountant
We have been using SMSF Sorted for preparation of our SMSF accounting files since COVID struck in March 2020. This software enabled us to continue to meet our client’s requirements and timeframes while we were all working from home and has improved our efficiency ever since. Cloudoffis employees are friendly and approachable. We have found them very open to suggestions and welcoming of feedback.
Marie Ickeringill Director - SMSF
Without a doubt, Cloudoffis is one of the best SMSF admin platforms in the market! The powerful workpaper platform makes referencing key documents instant, end-of-year preparation more efficient, and reduces wasteful workarounds. We particularly enjoy the fantastic features provide, such as AI Run, Dashboard and Observation. Furthermore, regular training sessions are invaluable in keeping our team abreast of the most up to date features.
Pearly Li S Yap Assistant Manager
We've been using Cloudoffis for over two years, and it has been a game-changer for our firm. The comprehensive suite of tools, combined with user-friendly interfaces, makes it a standout choice for anyone in the accounting industry.
Con Gotsis Partner


Cloudoffis delivers business efficiencies for SMSF Accountants and Auditors through automation of SMSF processes, real-time reporting dashboards and collaboration tools that improve communication between auditors and accountants.

Cloudoffis has two unique products designed for SMSF professionals that can integrate together or be used independently.

SMSF Auditomation by Cloudoffis supports Auditors to improve auditing turn around times through process automation and real time insights.

SMSF Sorted supports accountants to deliver compliant and structured workpapers to multiple auditors in just one click. Accountants who share funds through Cloudoffis enjoy better oversight of the status of each fund their auditors are preparing throughout the process.

Yes, Cloudoffis helps Auditors to deliver Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) audits faster by standardising your team's processes in one user-friendly platform. The outcome for auditors using SMSF Auditomation by Cloudoffis is stronger compliance, better customer service and the ability to scale profitably.

Yes, Cloudoffis helps accountants to prepare structured and compliant SMSF workpapers for SMSF Auditors and then share them in just one click from our platform to an auditor. Cloudoffis integrates with leading compliance platforms including Class, BGL 360 and Supermate so accountants can run their end to end processes online.

Cloudoffis is uniquely designed for Australian SMSF Accountants and Auditors who understand the power of running their business using cloud technology. With Cloudoffis you can gleam better insights about how your team and processes are performing to deliver exceptional outcomes for your clients.

No, Cloudoffis is not a Cloud Accounting platform, however we do integrate with leading accounting platforms such as Xero and MYOB.