Make auditing experience better with SMSF new feature release 2019

A new month and a new release, 2019 has already seen some tremendous enhancements, and here are some more!

The below enhancements are a direct result of client feedback (with a little help from the ATO), please keep them coming.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Addition of read-only mode
  • SuperMate API Integration

Multi-Factor Authentication

Cloudoffis now has 3 types of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This provides additional levels of security for all users across multiple platforms and devices, such as email, mobile phones, and applications. These settings can be accessed by any user from their profile, once open the MFA page is on the right as per below.

Keeping everyone’s data secure is our top priority.

Read Only Mode

We have created a read-only functionality to enable quick reference to the previous year’s audits without the risk of creating invalid timestamps.

  • Ability to quickly refer to the previous year’s audit
  • Ability to compare in a new tab (different screen if available)
  • Read only removes the risk of updating the wrong year
  • Ability to provide access for review or training without the risk of updating.

These are instantly accessible from the Fund Dashboard or Completed Audit Queue -allowing easy reference between both & providing greatly improved efficiency and usability.

SuperMate API Integration

To build on our successful integrations with BGL & Class, SuperMate data will now flow instantly via API. With help from the SuperMate team, we have now enabled SuperMate data to be imported via the cloud. This will automatically import fund details, trial balance & general ledger into Cloudoffis. You’ll no longer have to manually create clients and upload these reports! Save time and be more efficient with even more ‘automation’.

If you’re an existing user and would like further instructions on these new enhancements, please visit your Support Portal or reach out to our Support team.


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Cloudoffis & InfoTrack integrates streamline process for SMSF Auditors

Cloudoffis and InfoTrack, a leading technology provider for the professional services sector, have joined forces with a new integration set to be a game-changer for the SMSF industry. Cloudoffis has been one of the leaders in what has been a huge year for FinTech, especially in the SMSF domain, and were keen to partner with InfoTrack which shares the same approach to leveraging innovative technology to save its users time.

As AI continues to be one of the biggest disruptors in the FinTech software landscape, Cloudoffis and InfoTrack have not only taken advantage of new technology but are now creatively integrating their services to save hours of hassle for businesses and users. The combined automated powers of the two platforms cut workloads in half to minimize human error, maximize efficiency and increase businesses’ bottom lines.

The two tech companies have attentively listened to the demands of the industry to create software solutions that automate up to 50% of the tedious, manual tasks that have long been a feature of the SMSF workflow. The new integration with InfoTrack means that Cloudoffis users can now instantly access additional information including title searches, ASIC extracts, corporate trustee searches, background checks, know-your-customer (KYC) checks, and more. These searches can be performed directly through Cloudoffis and the results and related costs are returned to Cloudoffis and added to your subscription. This technology comes long overdue for the SMSF sector where tedious tasks and duplicate work have wasted huge amounts of time and diverted talented resources from more important work.

With the new raft of legislative changes happening across the SMSF industry and the proposed changes to audit cycles, there is a lot of pressure on businesses to manage compliance risks and improve efficiency. Cloudoffis’ auditing software does the work that previously took hours of an auditor’s time – tagging, searching, document management, data presentation, and compliance checklists – at the click of a button.

The benefits are manifold, users will experience not only time saved and added efficiency – but with checklists and compliance tools built into the user experience, compliance has never been so easy. The impact of this technology and the collaboration of services has created far-reaching changes for the industry as a whole. It not only means a new era of efficiency, automation, and ease of compliance – but it has created a new path for collaboration in the SMSF industry. To learn more, book a private demonstration on the form below today.

A Game Changer has been released with new features – January 2019

Release 3.2 Now Available

We’re excited to share release 3.2 with you as it is a GAME CHANGER! These new features and additions are a culmination of 12 months of feedback addressing some of the most popular suggestions and improvements. This release includes significant enhancements to the below and is direct result of client feedback.

  • Addition of ASIC Searches
  • Addition of Title Searches
  • New Date Picker and options
  • New Subscription Module
  • BGL Integration Enhanced

NEW PDF Viewer

We have redeveloped our PDF Viewer to include NEW! features and additional functionalities as suggested by our clients. You can view, tag, highlight, comment & bookmark documents faster, with enhanced reliability, such as;
  • Additional options for navigating to correct results. Thumbnail View and view all pages inclusive of searched text.
  • Additional Zoom options with one click fit to page options (Zoom and display settings no longer affect the placement or the ability to see the tag or comment)
  • Multiple additions to panes with option to expand or collapse
  • NEW! the ability to highlight text with the option to alter colours
  • Improved Comment function with the newly added ability to edit, delete, customise and expand/collapse
  • NEW! Pre existing PDF bookmarks that existed prior to Cloudoffis upload will now display with hyperlinks to each.
  • NEW! Search options. Whole word only, Case sensitive and Wilcard search.
There is a summary PDF available and a comprehensive support document and video are currently being produced. We welcome your request to preview this

Addition of ASIC Searches

Your corporate trustee ASIC searches can now be requested through our InfoTrack integration, and will be automatically stored for quick access. Instantly order and attach ASIC Extracts from within Cloudoffis directly to your audit. This is available from the Member Entitlements page within the process and s.17A within the SIS Checklist.
Once selected from either area you will receive a pop up with clear instructions and pricing displayed, the moment the order is placed the document appears as an attachment. All ordered documents and pricing is tracked within your subscription page/Documents Billing.

Select Order ASIC Extract

Pop Up Screen to Place Order


Subscription/Documents Billing view. Orders will be settled monthly or weekly dependent on quantity.


Addition of Title Searches

Instantly order a Title Search with the click of a button directly within Cloudoffis (thanks to our integration with InfoTrack); the document then automatically attaches from within Cloudoffis directly to your audit. This is available from the Real Property page within the process.

Pop Up Screen to Place Order – Prices vary dependent on state (NSW, VIC or QLD) and will be clearly quoted once state is selected prior to ordering.

Subscription/Documents Billing view. Orders will be settled weekly.

NEW Date Picker and options

We have introduced a new Date Picker, entering dates in Cloudoffis has never been faster! Once selected you will have the option to scroll through years quickly, select month and then day. 

Scroll to Year and select Month

Select Day – Will default to current date


Enter Date Manually

This is a huge improvement for our clients creating funds from non cloud based software’s.
Dates can now be manually entered using the format DD/MM/YYYY

NEW Subscription Module

Adding more funds is now simple, transparent & streamlined with a new slider to easily calculate your top-ups. This will allow clients to top up their files and renew to a new term instantly online. 

Subscription View

Cart View

Each of these new features and enhancements will have a dedicated support page covering the steps comprehensively with a helpful video in the coming days.

BGL Integration Enhanced

New APIs for our integration with BGL have been released so you no longer need to manually upload the following reports:
  • Operating Statement
  • Financial Statement
  • Investment Summary

Efficiency win!


Schedule Your Personalised Preview of Cloudoffis

We provide an automated audit technology that drastically reduces inefficiencies, saves you hours and boosts your bottom line. We hold the promise of new experiences and challenge you to try them. Schedule a live demo today! Use the form below.