Catch up on our Catch-up: Here’s what Cloudoffis auditors have to say

Our most recent webinar featured Cloudoffis’ very own Michael Bradley interviewing two of Australia’s leading auditors, Alice Stubbersfield from Adept Super and Rob Florence from Florence Audit & Assurance. If you missed the live event, don’t worry – you can access a recording here.

It was an enlightening session with real-life stories from auditors and Cloudoffis users, they also shared their insights and feedback about the platform. The resounding response from these two auditors is that Cloudoffis saves time and increases capacity… “Across the board, I’ve seen a 40% time reduction in each audit,” Rob said. “My audit capacity has increased by 60%,” Alice said.

There are other numerous benefits, especially concerning saving costs on paper, postage, and ink. Both guests are now advocates for going paperless and Rob noted, “I’ve recently sold five filing cabinets.” While Alice is a huge fan of the opportunity technology brings to her industry, she acknowledges, “You can’t change people.” So while she’s reaping the rewards Cloudoffis and other SMSF technology have to offer, there are many of her peers reluctant to modernize their processes.

Both guests shared a laugh about the paper trail they used to get lost in when it came to managing client documents and commiserate with their colleagues who are still getting buried under piles of paperwork. Because of the switch to Cloudoffis, Alice was able to cease doing paper-based audits last year, now she reports that as of next year her firm will no longer be accommodating clients who aren’t using SMSF cloud software, like Class, BGL, and Superman.

“There will be some who come on the technology journey with us and go on the cloud, and there will be some who go looking elsewhere for an old-fashioned auditor.” Cloudoffis has been making progress in facilitating greater support services for its users and creating a forum for Cloudoffis users to connect. Through fostering a community we believe Cloudoffis users will be able to get even more out of the software.

Michael asked the guests what feedback they have for Cloudoffis and it seems they love the ongoing support and communication around new features as they roll out! Cloudoffis always takes feedback on board, we are also constantly enhancing the platform, and before this conversation, we have put in place a new protocol for providing information via a webinar every time we create a new function or make changes to the platform.

As for their favorite features of Cloudoffis? Rob who has been with us since before we even had a dashboard says, it’s Cloudoffis’ OCR tool that sets this software apart from others in the same industry. While Alice has been sharing her newfound convenience through the query tool on the platform to communicate with clients and others involved in the audit. She did note that it would be great to be able to completely integrate Cloudoffis, so you wouldn’t have to navigate between different programs. These are the great ideas we encourage and love to hear about from our Cloudoffis community.

Please keep the comments, queries, and contributions coming! We value your feedback, and love providing support, and implementing changes that can give you the best possible experience.

Enhanced Security: A multi-factor authentication comes to Cloudoffis

Online security breaches happen every day, all around the world. It’s a fact of life, as we move things online and to the cloud, efficiency increases but so does the possibility of falling victim to fraud. Webber Insurance Services has compiled a list of Australian companies that have had data breaches in 2018 and 2019. They’re big names, close to home. When it comes to online security the best offense is a good defense. The Australian Taxation Office made changes to the Operational Framework for Digital Service Providers, making Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) mandatory “where users potentially have access to large volumes of taxpayer or superannuation related information”.

Programs that digitally connect to the ATO, such as MYOB, Xero, BGL, Class, etc, had to meet these security standards by 30 September, 2018. MFA means that during the login process, after entering your username and password, you are also required to enter an additional code (or scan a QR code) that is sent via a preferred Authenticator App, SMS, or Email.

This security measure is not mandatory for Cloudoffis users, however, following the changes in the FinTech space, Cloudoffis has recognized MFA requirements as a best practice method. Moreover, because of the mandatory changes to our integration software application partners, like BGLClass Super, and Supermate, Cloudoffis users will be required to complete an MFA when connecting to partner systems.

These added layers of security turn trust from something implicit, to something we carry out in our day-to-day operation of systems such as these. Cloudoffis, is part of a network of systems all committed to making SMSF compliance an efficient and enjoyable process for all parties involved. That said, we have a responsibility to each other to make sure every system feeding back into this network is as secure as possible. These added layers of security can incite groans and grumbles from users who say productivity will suffer, however, innovative solutions are available especially designed to combat this.

Platforms like Practice Protect, digitally secure accounting firms through one secure login to all cloud applications that can be tracked and restricted to specific locations, as well as applied firm-wide. Practice Protect has identified that “it is far easier to trick than hack”; 67% of data breaches in 2018 were due to human error or passwords being compromised. All in all, like Cloudoffis, every good platform will help you perform better and create capacity, but we’re happy to be further aligned now with the ethos of helping our industry users reduce risk, maintain control of operations and strengthen trust with clients – all whilst consistently providing greater efficiency.

It’s amazing in FinTech, when we all work together, the security and efficiency we can achieve for our users are phenomenal. To learn more about Cloudoffis and becoming efficient, whilst maintaining consistency, with your audit automation, reach out today using the form below.

Year of the audit “2019” – What you think on future of SMSF auditing?

Hey there,

What do you believe is the future of SMSF auditing?

At Cloudoffis, we hold out the promise of new experiences and challenge you to try them. cloudoffis.png
Consuming.png We believe SMSF workflows and current practices can be free from inaccurate and time-consuming paperwork.
We believe in a user-friendly experience that enhances collaboration and success. Experience.png
Business-int.png We believe in business intelligence that enables flexibility without compromising power.
We believe in an integrated platform, but we don’t believe in silo-ed solutions that require referencing history. integrated.png
automated.png At Cloudoffis, we provide automated cloud technology

that drastically reduces inefficiencies and empowers the SMSF auditing industry.

So I challenge you to leave the known for what could be, innovate with an adventurous spirit, and be a trailblazer with us. challenge.png

What’s next for SMSF audit technology – As future is bright in SMSF

In the past the SMSF audit industry has been criticised for taking too long to evolve and innovate. More recently, however, the industry is coming up to speed with developments happening in the broader software and technology space.Cloudoffis has not only embraced new technology and artificial intelligence, it sees a bright future for SMSF auditing software development. Manual, monotonous and time-consuming tasks have been practically eliminated thanks to Cloudoffis’ sophisticated approach to removing human-error from the auditing process.

The time saving potential this intelligent, cloud-based software offers is an industry disrupter. Cloudoffis projects these advancements will save auditors upwards of 40-50% time per audit, and what’s particularly exciting is that these benefits are being directly passed onto users.

The cost of compliance just became a whole lot more affordable.

Some of the features Cloudoffis software is bringing into the market include:

  • Integration of information, reporting and source documentation (e.g. Class, BGL, MYOB, AO, ASIC, etc.)
  • Better presentation of data and information: reducing risk of human error
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and document management to enable click-of-a-button in-document searching
  • Data analysis to define scope of work before audit even begins
  • Advanced search function
  • Automatic referencing and tagging of documents

Cloudoffis has been able to develop these time-saving, efficiency increasing tools and methods from identifying and understanding the problems that face the SMSF industry. With recent changes to federal superannuation fund law and changes in the Australian taxation system, Cloudoffis saw this not as a hindrance but as an opportunity to revolutionise the way auditing is done and forever improve the way the industry looks at compliance.

This software is ground-breaking in the way it saves auditors from wasting time in duplicate work, monotonous tasks and compliance concerns.

The future is bright for Cloudoffis and the SMSF audit software industry at large. They are projected to include in the next release of their software many new exciting features including: an ABN and Superfund lookup function; better reporting systems; reports and observations to be integrated with line items; a new Fund Dashboard to enhance the user experience.

Cloudoffis invites the SMSF industry to explore the possibilities of saving time, money and wasted expertise by utilising their new cloud-based, auditing software: endless benefits are guaranteed, including an enhanced bottom line!

How AI is standardising the SMSF audit process & boost bottom lines

A typical SMSF audit from administration to auditor takes about 2.5-4 hours. Sometimes it can take up to 8 hours for larger, more complex funds, But what if you could finish an audit in HALF that time? Yes, half and not just that,  you could deliver a 30% boost to the bottom line by instantly streamlining the process.

Here’s how you can do that.

At Cloudoffis, we provide cutting-edge software that is revolutionizing the way auditors use technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the management of SMSF. Just imagine:

Scan Up To 300 pages In Seconds With An Inbuilt Optical OCR Converter With Cloudoffis:

You can quickly upload the source documentation for each of your jobs in PDF format. The inbuilt OCR (Optical Character Recognition) then converts everything into a readable and searchable document. This means at the click of one button you can search for any amount or account or any word whatsoever.

Automated Audit Checklists With Cloudoffis:

When you import a file or upload a ledger or a trial balance, the technology and API integration recognitions (i.e. with BGL, Class, ASIC, Title searching, etc.) automatically provide you with those checklists. You don’t need to provide any information whatsoever (whereas other providers have nothing more than checklists that you need to manually wade through).

Avoid The Tedium Of Tagging and Bookmarking:

Cloudoffis is the only software in the market that automates the tagging and bookmarking process. Saving you time, helping you stay compliant, and minimizing human error.

Other Benefits Of Cloudoffis:

  • Auto generation of red flags for review in an Audit Fund Dashboard
  • Reporting and observations with integrated line items
  • Highlight, comment, markup, and search easily
  • Master checklist templates
  • Upload docs all in one place
  • Seamless collaboration with all involved

Result: auditors can save up to 50% of the time per audit.


“I received a contract increasing our number of SMSF audits to almost 500 per year. In order to properly fulfill the contract I needed to reduce the time taken for each audit. Cloudoffis provided the perfect solution in that the program provides quick and simple tagging of relevant supporting documents as well as providing comprehensive checklists for both financial and compliance regimes.”

Peter Mangan Director, Peter Mangan Accountants Pty Ltd

For more info on all the wonders, Cloudoffis hands auditors request a live demo below today! This article was featured on SMSF Adviser, read more here

Cloudoffis improve productivity of firm & is gold sponsor at ATSA 2017

Cloudoffis is a Gold sponsor of ATSA 2017 – one of the leading events for accountants & bookkeepers in practice.
Our values align with what ATSA organisers believe in – “It’s not the technology but what it can do for your firm and your clients that is key. Technology is the great enabler – enabling new efficiencies, new service opportunities, new ways to engage with your clients.”

Cloudoffis offers a brand new way of conducting SMSF audits. Developed with Auditomation, an advanced audit process automation technology, it truly enhances an auditor’s decision making process. We believe that this perfect blend of an auditor’s skills and software-assisted automation can result in high-quality and error-free audits.

At every step, auditomation enables simplicity, speed and efficiency to ensure accuracy and high quality SMSF audits.
Come to ATSA on October 16-17 (Hyatt Regency, Sydney) and ask us about how the unique auditomation technology in Cloudoffis can transform the SMSF audit process by helping you conduct error-free and high-quality audits and improving the productivity and profitability of your firm.

SMSF Cyber Security: Measures to keep safe as we move in September

As a financial advisor, you need to know about the changes in the SMSF industry and how they will affect you. We’ve created a quick SMSF industry update, letting you know what is happening in the industry and how these changes may affect investment going forward.

Trustees Opt to Go It Alone Navigating Complex Rules

Earlier this year, Vanguard released a report which showed that one of the prime concerns among SMSF trustees in 2017 was navigating the complex and ever changing rules and regulations associated with the fund. Despite this, we are still seeing trustees opting to go it alone and figure out the best course of action themselves. Only 38% of SMSF trustees now seek assistance from a financial advisor, down from 54% nine years ago. Concern over the quality of advice and the spectre of bad experiences in the past have been cited as two of the major factors behind this, and the rise of accounting and auditing software platforms have also given trustees more scope and capability to take care of duties themselves.

Contributions Continue to Rise

SMSF investment is at a very healthy level in 2017 and looks to be continuing to rise as we move into September. The June quarter of this year saw enormous increases in trustee investment, with average contributions soaring from $9,138 to just over $32,000. This tripling in the average level of investment has been credited to the changing of SMSF rules at the beginning of July, which made it more advantageous for trustees to invest. The last time investment levels have been this healthy was back in 2009.

Increased Focus on Cyber Security

If cyber security has left the front pages in 2017, it has never been for very long. Recently, it reared its ugly head again, this time with the news that criminal gangs, particularly those based in Eastern Europe, have been targeting SMSFs in Australia. This should not be taken as a reason to panic, however. Cyber crime is the new frontier for law enforcement. New breaches simply mean new measures must be taken to keep us and our money safe. Expect a renewed focus on cyber security and tighter measures in place to keep SMSFs safe as we move into September. To learn more about Cloudoffis and how it can help you to keep on top of your SMSF auditing, get in touch with our team today. We are waiting to hear from you.

Top 5 challenges of auditing SMSFs in 2017 – A huge rise in SMSF

There are now close to 600,000 SMSFs in operation and over 1.1million SMSF members. With this huge rise in SMSFs, the Australian Government’s policy changes are designed to ensure the sustainability, growth and flexibility of these funds. Here are the top 5 challenges of auditing SMSFs in 2017:


Events-based reporting

 With the new events-based reporting set to streamline the flow of information to the ATO from 2018, any new income streams or changes to the fund will need to be reported within 28 days at the end of the quarter rather than on an annual basis. Although this doesn’t come in to effect now, all 2017 transactions will need to be reported in 2018, thus putting a lot of compliance burden on SMSF advisers. Also, firms will need to have automated processes in place.


Technological developments

 Technology is having a huge impact on how we execute SMSF audits today. Audit process technologies enable auditors to conduct faster and high quality audits. Time saved via automating SMSF audit and admin processes can be utilised to get more clients and increase profitability. Smaller accounting firms might fail to stay profitable and keep up with the speed and efficiency versus firms equipped with advanced audit software.


The importance of independent audits

 The Government relies on the SMSF annual audit to assess trustee compliance with the law and ensure that the integrity of the superannuation system is maintained. SMSF auditors will play a crucial role in the regulation of the SMSF sector. In fact, auditor role has now been stressed upon more than ever before. The ATO is increasing its focus on SMSF auditors who fail to meet key independent criteria.


The changing role of accounting firms

 Changes in superannuation mean, accounting firms need to rethink their strategies in order to sustain in the long term in the field of SMSFs. Being accredited as specialist SMSF advisors through the SPAA (SMSF Professionals Association of Australia) or completing specialist courses should be seen as a minimum commitment on the part of accounting firms looking to be seen as serious about SMSF. It’s also crucial for accountants to obtain the appropriate licence in order to offer financial advice on SMSFs. This can help firms to continue expanding their revenue stream even further.


Disengaged SMSF trustees

 With information and advice easily available on the internet, SMSF trustees have a lot of knowledge at hand and are making decisions based on that. While having the knowledge is a good thing, they might not necessarily have the specialist understanding needed to take SMSF decisions. One of the key challenges for advisers is to engage SMSF trustees with knowledge, insights and advice relevant to them.

Disruption is a natural course for any industry and change is inevitable. In order to fulfil their role in the SMSF world, auditors, advisers and accounting firms need to adapt and evolve faster than they think.

How Cloudoffis raise red flag that needs close attention from auditors

Check out how Cloudoffis intuitively raises Red Flags for items that need closer attention. SMSF auditors play a key role in examining the accuracy of an individual fund’s accounting records. To achieve this, an auditor has to go through reams and reams of data to investigate if there’s been a breach on any financial or compliance issue. This can be a rather time-consuming and dreadful task. Cloudoffis introduces a brand new way of conducting SMSF audits. Powered by Auditomation technology, Cloudoffis offers auditors, accountants and audit firms intuitive and intelligent tools to conduct high quality SMSF audits.

Introducing Red Flags

Red flag is a powerful feature in Cloudoffis that’s built to speed up the audit process significantly. This advanced feature intuitively spots issues that need closer intervention and auto-generates red flags. The auditor simply needs to examine the red flagged items. He or she can then raise any points for internal review depending on their findings and take further action quickly and move on to other aspects of the audit. The Cloudoffis platform can auto-generate Red Flags for a number of items. Never miss out on

  • Negative Balance
  • Reverse Balance
  • Income Comparison
  • Pension Limit
  • Contribution Cap
  • Work Test
  • Market Value

With the Red flag feature, an auditor won’t have to look for the above items manually. This eliminates any chance of error in this area and increases overall efficiency. Thus ensuring errorfree and high-quality SMSF audits. To find out how Cloudoffis can redefine the way you conducted SMSF audits, call us on 1300 9 7 9457 or to request a demo, click here.

Generating reports are never easy but it’s possible at click of button

Paper-based audits are soon becoming a thing of the past. In fact, with the current SMSF landscape and the changing ATO regulations, having a cloud-based system appears to be more crucial than ever before. Cloudoffis offers a brand new way of conducting SMSF audits. It is developed with Auditomation – a unique technology built with the help of auditors for auditors. Cloudoffis is packed with intelligent and intuitive tools that are designed to save time, increase accuracy and improve efficiency at every step of the audit process.

Generating audit reports was never so easy

At Cloudoffis, we’ve made generating audit reports a lot simpler, at the click of a button, to be precise! Simply click the ‘Generate Report’ button and all the client details such as name of trustee, fund, age, birthdate, etc. are automatically populated in the audit report. So you don’t need to type or spend ages looking for the relevant details.

Customize audit reports

You can easily edit any part of the report without leaving Cloudoffis, and also create custom templates. Generate error-free audit reports and save a significant amount of time with one-click audit reporting functionality! To find out how Cloudoffis can redefine the way you conduct SMSF audits, call us on 1300 9 7 9457 or to request a demo, click here.