Like many leaders, you’ve probably spent some of your Summer break mulling over how to make 2024 even better for your team.  But figuring out which parts of your business to tweak for those goals can be tricky.

At Cloudoffis, we chat with hundreds of SMSF industry experts every year. Many have shared the biggest roadblocks in their current processes that are holding them back from enjoying operational excellence. We have gathered up all those insider tips to help you smooth out your SMSF Audit processes for the year ahead.


Tip 1: Get better visibility

It may seem obvious but achieving operational excellence poses a challenge if you’re missing the full view of your business operations. Understanding what your team is currently working on, identifying the information that your clients are waiting for, and gauging how long it takes to complete tasks are crucial insights you’ll require.

Frequently, this challenge arises from processes being scattered across multiple systems without a centralised source of truth, reliance on manual procedures, or limited access to real-time reporting.

Our customers’ favourite Cloudoffis feature for achieving better visibility of their operations is the real-time dashboards, providing real-time data analytics and reporting for better decision-making.


Tip 2: Build a high-performing team

A high-performing team feels inspired and satisfied by the work they are delivering and empowered in their workplace. Alignment among team members is key and can be achieved with simple steps such as by giving them a shared understanding of common processes, company objectives and the significance of their individual roles in contributing to the collective success of the business. Additionally, sustaining a high-performing team involves assigning work that may be both challenging and rewarding, ensuring continuous engagement and motivation.

At Cloudoffis, we assist our clients to standardise processes and reduce the time dedicated to routine, non-revenue-generating tasks by standardising templates, workflows, checklists and predefined reports.

The outcome is more time spent on client interactions, additional tasks completed and reduced overtime hours. Simultaneously, these improvements contribute to an enhanced customer experience, delivering tangible benefits for your team.


Tip 3: Improve communication

In a landscape where standing out and proving your value to clients is increasingly important, the ability to deliver an exceptional level of service becomes more important. Effective communication and collaboration emerge as essential tools for unlocking a superior customer experience by establishing trust whilst maintaining a competitive edge.

At Cloudoffis, we simplify collaboration and communication for both your team and customers through a unified platform. Our features, including query management tools, eliminate communication barriers and speed up turnaround times.


Whatever your goals are for the year ahead, knowing what processes to optimise using real-time business insights, how to motivate your team into high performers and finding ways to stand out from the competition through better communication and collaboration tools are key strategies for reaching them.

Get in touch today to hear how Cloudoffis can help you achieve your goals for 2024.